The Perverts

About the project

The Perverts is a domestic drama that presents the American family as a Rubin’s vase: a two-fold optical illusion that allows the eye to see what it is most accustomed to viewing. 

Set in suburban Atlanta, Georgia in 1953, the short film script follows Mr. and Mrs. Samuel “Sammy” Bibb, dear friends who, in 1950, entered into a convincing marriage of convenience to save face: both are queer as three dollar bills, closeted to everyone but one another. 

Sally, an abrasive college-educated homemaker, and Samuel Bibb, a happy-go-lucky employee at Atlanta’s FBI Field Office, perform the rituals and accepted behavior of midcentury existence with a complex blend of exasperation, grace, and good humor - to the point that we forget that their very lives depend upon it.

Currently in funding consideration by several festivals and organizations, this 20-page screenplay and its full proposal are available to interested parties, including cinematographers, for reading and potential collaboration.

Photo courtesy Arnold Kabini.