Film Sorority

About the shop

Rural scarcity. An overactive imagination. Sticky fingers. The limitations of five-channel local television. Secondhand videocassettes of early psycho-sexual thrillers. Garage sale-gleaned consumer electronics, my family’s RCA C-series VHS Camcorder among them. 

This was the heap from which my love for the moving image emerged. 

A couple decades later, though my imagination is still in overdrive and my fingers are still plenty sticky, these analog movie- and dream-making items no longer serve me. And yet: I still find myself gravitating toward these old friends at estate sales, in antique shops, and on Brooklyn's curbsides. 

It feels criminal to not share them with you. 

Profits from Film Sorority pay my electric bill and help develop The Perverts into a short film.

Each June, I donate 25% of Film Sorority's net to Frameline's Completion Fund. The project financially supports independent queer filmmakers through the final leg of film production. Previous beneficiaries include Desiree Akhavan, Cheryl Dunye, Barbara Hammer, Silas Howard, Madeleine Olnek, PJ Raval, and Dee Rees.